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Diplomatic Staff
Andon Sapundzi - Minister Counselor, Deputy Chief of Mission
Zdravko Pavicevic- Minister Counselor, Political Affairs 
Dusan Vujacic - First Counselor, Congressional and Political Affairs
Olivera Starcevic - First Secretary, Head of the Consular Section
Zorka Kekovic - Second Secretary, OAS and Political Affairs
Irena Kuznik - Second Secretary, Political Affairs, Press and Culture


Defense Attaché Office

Colonel Dragan Galic - Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attaché

Lieutenant Colonel Dalibor Ogrizovic - Assistant Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attaché

Police Attaché Office

Srdjan Spasic, Chief Police Advisor

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Our embassy
Diplomatic Staff
Ambassador of Serbia H.E. Djerdj Matkovic presented credentials to the President of the United States