Printer Friendly Version Enhancement of cooperation with Ohio National Guard @ 29 May 2018 03:58 PM

Minister Vulin expressed his gratitude to Congressman Stivers for his personal engagement in solving all open issues, as well as for his advocacy within the Serbian caucus in the US Congress, with great expectations that, if he assumes the duty of a chairperson of the Serbian caucus, he will make a major contribution to improving the bilateral relations between Serbia and the United States in all segments. He also thanked for the assistance offered by Ohio NG to Serbia through training and exchange of experience of members of the armed forces.

The topic of the discussion was the political and security situation in the region, and Minister Vulin emphasized the principled attitude of Serbia to the policy of military neutrality, the development of cooperation with all key actors of the international community and the development of regional cooperation. Minister Vulin emphasized that the Republic of Serbia does not accept, nor will it accept in future, the transformation of the the Kosovo Security Forces into the Kosovo Armed Forces, which is one of the elements that certainly lead in a negative direction, represent a gross violation of all previous agreements and have a markedly negative impact on regional stability.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Defence and the US Congressmen concluded that the cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ohio NG significantly contributes to the improvement of operational and functional capabilities of the armed forces of the two countries and that both sides will continue to improve capacities through joint exercises and training.