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Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

1333 16th Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20036


Embassy (phone): (202) 507-8654

After-hours/emergency phone No: (202) 706-0209

Embassy (e-mail): info@serbiaembusa.org

Consular Section (e-mail): consular@serbiaembusa.org

Consular Section 10am - 1pm by appointment

Consular Section (phone): +1 (202) 706-0209





Due to technical problems, Consular Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington DC, starting from February 19, 2024 and until further notice, will not be accepting new requests for issuing passports. The process of handing out passports is still in function. Scheduling appointments is being done by calling the emergency line +1 (202) 706-0209

Condolence Book at the Embassy

May 3rd, 2023

Following this morning's tragedy at the Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School in Belgrade, the Government of the Republic of Serbia proclaimed a three-day national mourning from May 5th to 7th.

Book of Condolence will be open for signing at our Embassy on the following dates:

- Friday, May 5th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

- Saturday, May 6th from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

- Sunday, May 7th from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

- Monday, May 8th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Electronic condolence notes may be sent to: info@serbiaembusa.org


Concert „This is Serbia“ at the Kennedy Center

11 January 2023

In organisation of the Embassy of Serbia in Washington, concert „This is Serbia“ was held at the Millennium Stage of the prestigious Kennedy Centre.

Deputy Chief of Mission Andon Sapundzi addressed the audience, pointing out that it was a rare opportunity for visitors to listen to three very talented female artists performing songs by Serbian composers.

Milica Sekulić (piano), Biljana Soldo (soprano) and Nataša Rašić (mezzo-soprano), made an effort to introduce some of the most beautiful Serbian songs to the audience.

The repertoire included the songs of Davorin Jenko - composer of the Serbian national anthem, and Kornelije Stanković, thanks to whom modern melodies were reconciled with the traditional ones, Slavenski, Milojević, Marinković and Bajić - representatives of late Serbian romanticism, as well as our contemporaries Hristić, Le Roux Obradović and Golemović.

Milica Sekulić gives concerts and teaches piano in Potomac, Maryland, Biljana Soldo performs at the Virginia Opera, while Nataša Rašić performs in theatres in Belgrade and abroad.

Holiday Reception at the Embassy

22 December 2022

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Washington, Marko Đurić, organised a holiday reception for officials of the State Department, the White House, the Pentagon, Congress and other representatives of the United States administration.

Guests of honour included Gabriel Escobar, US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Congresswoman Claudia Tenny, Co-Chair of the Serbian Congressional Caucus, Spencer Boyer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence, and Ambassador Philip Ricker, former acting US Assistant Secretary of State.

Ambassador Đurić addressed the audience, saying that the year 2022 will be remembered as the year in which, the relations between Serbia and the USA reached a completely new level in terms of substance, quality, and perspective, thanks to the joint efforts by both sides.

“We are saying farewell to another year of great cooperation, new partnerships and plans. In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, I want to thank you all for your sincere enthusiasm and commitment to preserving and improving Serbian-American relations, which, thanks to your and our dedicated work, have become an image of the exact vision our ancestors had 141 years ago”, Djuric said.

Held in the new building of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington, this event brought together representatives of American business associations and companies, as well as high-level officials of the American administration dealing with our country and region.

„Serbian cultural afternoon“ at our Embassy

19 December 2022

„Serbian cultural afternoon“ was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington, where the Serbian art, sculpture and music scene at the intersection of generations was presented to the American public, spouses and partners of members of the diplomatic corps.

The event, hosted by the Ambassador's wife Andrijana Đurić, was held in two parts: the first part consisted of a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by nine Serbian contemporary artists, called „Finding a Way“, while in the second part guests had the opportunity to listen to the works of Serbian composers performed by Milica Sekulić, successful Serbian pianist from Maryland.

The exhibition is the result of the joint vision, effort and creativity of Marija Milošević, Director of the „Art For All“ gallery from Belgrade and curator of the exhibition, and Elizabeth Escobar, the wife of the special American envoy for the Western Balkans Gabriel Escobar, who spoke as special guests.

After reading a poem she wrote in memory of her stay in Serbia, Elizabeth Escobar also spoke about her personal experience of Serbian culture and art, which she had the opportunity to learn about during her husband's service at the US Embassy in Belgrade.

Marija Milošević explained the artistic concept of the project in the context of international exchange of ideas and global visibility, pointing out the symbolism of finding the path that artists in Serbia take in the process of materialisation of an idea, and finding a way for individual affirmation of artists through professionalism, commitment and renunciation.

The singularity of the event is reflected in the fact that for the first time the presentation of several types of art from Serbia has been united in this form through a peculiar combination of musical creativity in the period from 19th to 20th century, with a display of contemporary fine art.

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