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1) Your financial contributions for our citizens affected by the catastrophyc floodings in Serbia can be deposited to the dedicated US account, with following payment instructions:
Recipient: Consulate General of Serbia in Chicago
Bank:  Fifth Third Bank
Account Number: 7238862994
Routing Number: 071923909
Swift Code: FTBCUS3C (international)

2) You can also send your Checks or Money Orders to one of our Diplomatic / Consular posts in the United States (Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington DC, Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in New York, Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Chicago), indicating the purpose of your donation (e.g. humanitarian aid, flooding or similar).

3) Your humanitarian aid in US dollars can also be paid directly to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, using following payment instructions:
FIELD 32A                        VALUE DATE-CURRENCY-AMOUNT
FIELD 50K                        ORDERING CUSTOMER
FIELD 56A                        BKTRUS33
FIELD 57A                        04415465
FIELD 59                          RS35908504619019323080
                                        UPRAVA ZA TREZOR            
FIELD 70                          DETAILS OF PAYMENT

On behalf of the Serbian Government and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia we most kindly invite you to send your contributions and support Government efforts to reduse the consequences of the tragic floods. 
We are very appreciative to those who already offered their help and expressed their solidarity with Serbian people.  


Serbia floods aerial video

Speech of Congressmen Ted Poe in the House of Representatives on the US- SERBIAN ALLIANCE, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Our friendship with the Serbians is based on our shared belief in democracy and standing up for liberty. During both World War I and World War II, our two countries fought on the same battlefield and our people shared and shed blood together. Because of that brotherhood, we have a special relationship."

Festival of Serbian Contemporary Documentary and Short Film - Washington 2014

The Orfelin Circle and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia invite you to the fifth annual

"Festival of Serbian Contemporary Documentary and Short Film - Washington 2014", May 29 and June 1, 2014

During the first night of the festival audience had the opportunity to see the following films:

Down on the Corner - Corina Schwingruber Ilić & Nikola Ilić, Cortha Film, Lucerne, Switzerland, 2013

Springtime Suns - Stefan Ivančić, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, 2013                      

Stardust - Vladimir Perović, Radio-televizija Vojvodina, Novi Sad, 2011 Best short film, Parnu Int'l Film Festival, Estonia, 2012

Way In Rye - Goran Stanković, AFI, Los Angeles, 2013 Finalist for student Academy Award 2014

Rabbitland - Ana Nedeljković & Nikola Majdak, Baš Čelik, Beograd, 2013 Tricky Women Award of the City of Vienna, Vienna 2014

When I was a Boy I Was a Girl - Ivana Todorovic, Academic Film Center, Novi Beograd, 2013 Best Documentary Short Film award, SEE Fest, Los Angeles 2013


The Bag - Marko Sopić, 2012 The Golden Plaquette of Belgrade for the best film of the international competition program, The 61st Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Belgrade 2014

Five Minutes Each - Vojin Vasović, Blink Studio, Kragujevac, 2011 Gold Kahuna Award, Honolulu Film Awards, Honolulu 2012 Best animation award, The MiX International Short Film Festival, Richmond 2012 Best animated film, Cineview Film Festival, Toronto 2011

Spasosvdan - Dobrivoje i Dobrila Pantelić, Produkcija Tri-D, Zavlaka, 2008

Time's Up - Daniel Deni Mateić, Deni Mateić, Beograd, 2013

Kosma - Sonja Blagojević, CVK Kvadrat, Beograd, 2013 Best Cinematography award in documentary film category, SEE Fest, Los Angeles 2014

Screenings of the selected films will be shown starting at 8 PM on both days at The Avalon Theater, 5612 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Chevy Chase, Washington, DC. All movies are with subtitles.


 Bring your friends and join us!

For more information about the festival please visit www.orfelin.org

STATEMENT, May 26, 2014

Diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Serbia in the United States and Canada would like to thank all humanitarian and non-profit organizations registered in the U.S. and Canada for their work and activities in collecting humanitarian aid for the flooded areas in Serbia.

On this occasion we would like to emphasize that no organization or Diaspora association has received from the Government of the Republic of Serbia the exclusive right to collect and send humanitarian aid.

Diplomatic and consular missions of Serbia highly appreciate efforts of all organizations, associations, individuals, Serbian Diaspora clubs and the Serbian Orthodox Church to collect humanitarian aid.

We will continue to provide assistance to all interested organizations and individuals so that the humanitarian aid reaches to the people in need.

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