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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding incidents at the Serbia - Albania Football Match

15 October 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the incident which occurred at yesterday's Serbia-Albania European qualifier game, assessing it as a deliberate and premeditated provocation.

Releasing a drone containing the flag of the Greater Albania, showing the territory covering parts of not only Serbia but Greece, Montenegro and Macedonia as well, is an unprecedented provocation on a football pitch and must have been planned in advance, so that there can be no doubt that it was not a spontaneous incident provoked by hooligans. It was a premeditated political provocation intended to cause disorders in Belgrade that would cast a shadow over the fact that Serbia has been very successfully developing and fostering cooperation in the region.

Head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic pointed out that the celebratory gathering of Albanian communities following last night's incident surely did not contribute to the de-escalation of tensions, but could, instead, in particular in Kosovo and Metohija, give rise to an atmosphere of fear, sending for the umpteenth time a message to the non-majority population communities that they were not welcome.

Serbia cannot bear the responsibility for the irresponsible provocation on the part of Albanian visitors and will continue to work for the development of good-neighbourly relations which, it believes, are the only way of overcoming potential problems. On the other hand, we are going to take whatever steps are necessary to draw the attention of our international partners, especially those in the European Union, to all the aspects of this incident and call once again for the application of equal standards for all, in order to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents threatening the political progress of regional cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to convey its gratitude to those members of the national team who calmed passions on the pitch by defending and promoting in the best possible way the values that Serbia stands for.

Ceremony to Present Posthumous Gold Medal of Merit to Stella Jatras

Washington DC, 11.October 2014 - President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Tomisalv Nikolić awarded posthumously a Gold Medal Of Merit to Stella Jatras, US diplomat, analyst and writer for outstanding achievements in public and cultural activities and presentation of Serbia in the U.S. The medal was handed over to the Jatras family by Adviser to the President of Serbia, Mr. Oliver Antic, during the ceremony at the Embassy of Serbia.

"Daughter of Greek immigrants and diplomats, Stella Jatras fought for truth about the Serbian people. Her op-eds and letters were published in the most prominent newspapers, including New York Times and Washington Post, which, on the occasion of the death, published a special article about her life and work".

Stella Jatras was born 1932 in Pughkeepsie, NY as the fourth child of Greek immigrants. During the fifties she married Colonel George Jatras, USAF of Camp Hill.

With the breakout of the war in Bosnia, Stella was appalled by the bias of the Western media, especially in the United States, and began her efforts to present to the American people a more accurate view of that tragic situation. She later expanded her commentaries to numerous foreign and domestic issues, with her letters and articles published in the Patriot-News, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, the Arizona Republic, and the Los Angeles Times, as well as a number of magazines and periodicals. In addition, her writings have had worldwide distribution via the Internet.

Stella Louis Jatras passed away on 15 June 2013 at Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill. She was 81.  

US support to Serbia in implementing reforms

Belgrade, 6 Oct 2014 – Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic spoke this evening with Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden, who expressed his appreciation and support to reforms that Serbia started implementing.

In a telephone conversation, Vucic and Biden discussed bilateral Serbian-US political and economic relations. 

Biden expressed his hope that Serbia will remain a factor of stability in the whole region of the Western Balkans. 

The Prime Minister said that Serbia is committed to its European path, and that it will start with strict economic reforms, as its citizens want, in order for Serbia to become a successful and modern country. 

Also, Vucic and the US Vice President exchanged views on the global political and economic trends.

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